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London’s Ever-Changing, One-Stop Shop

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First published by T Magazine online on 19 May 2017, and in print on 21 May 2017

Down a side street in leafy Notting Hill, the women’s clothing line Talitha, best known for the sort of silk caftans and tasseled blouses you might cover up with in Belize or Formenterra, has opened its first store. Founders Kim Hersov and Shon Randhawa have outfitted it to look like the richly textured home of an eclectic globe-trotter, with furniture and knickknacks collected from all over the world, plus a four-poster ash bed by their interior designer, Hubert Zandberg. These days, a cozy, impeccably curated space is a must for a brick-and-mortar boutique, but the pair have more than aesthetics in mind: Everything from the Madagascan raffia blind on the back window to the painting of a woman in profile hanging on the peacock-blue wall is for sale. This should keep them roaming for replacements, even if clothing will remain at the heart of the operation. “Talitha” is the name of Hersov and Randhawa’s fantasy muse, a woman apt to change her closet and home according to what she’s seen. Maybe she just got back from safari; next season things might lean “retro Palm Beach,” Hersov says. The eye has to travel, after all.